factors affecting eye witness testimony

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  • factors affecting eye witness testimony (post event information)
    • witnesses are interviewed some time after the incident, so recall is affected by info they have received after the event
    • experiences of the witness cause them to reconstruct their memory
    • recall is influenced by the media, police, lawyers and other witnesses.
      • discussing the incident with other witnesses can lead to reconstruction of memories as they can fill in the gaps with things they may have missed eg a weapon
      • if 2 witnesses agree on something they saw it makes that detail stronger even if it wasn't true
      • questions by the police can lead to inaccuracy due to leading questions and/or body language
      • in court lawyers for the defendant may use questioning to confuse the witness so memories are reconstructed and/or doubted
    • if the witness has been in therapy and remembers violet childhood some claim these become false memories that have become implant through the therapist
    • strengths and weaknesses.
      • strengths
        • loftus and palmer showed ppts videos of car crashes and asked a series of questions the verb was changed and found if they ask smashed the ppts thought the car was travelling faster than when the verb contacted was used
        • Lindsay found a 3 month delay between the incident and questioning affected the accuracy of children recall
        • loftus and pickrell gave ppts 4 stories , 3 about childhood and 1 about getting lost in a shopping mall. when asked to recall the stories 29% recalled being lost in the shopping mall
      • weakness
        • yuille and cutshall carried out a study on witnesses to a real life shooting and found leading questions about the colour of a car panel didn't affect accuracy and recall
        • wynn and Logie asked students about a real life event that happened earlier in the year. found memories were very resistant to change.


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