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  • Factors affecting conformity
    • Normative Influence- when attempts to fit in (be normal) due to far of rejection, wanting approval & to show loyalty
      • Example- laughing at a joke that is not funny but other ppl are laughing at it
      • STUDY - ASCH (1951)
    • Informational Influence- is when someone does not know what to do and is wanting to be correct (seek correct information) in fear of being unintelligent and believing that others know better than them
      • Example- watching how other ppl do their homework to avoid making any mistakes
      • STUDY- JENNESS (1932)
        • He conducted a study where he asked groups of 3 to make a group estimate of how many BEANS WERE IN A JAR (of almost 800 beans), when later given the opportunity to change their first guess, most participants wanted to change.
          • They were motivated because Jenness offered a reward of an A grade
          • CONCLUSION - it appeared that when unsue of the answer, people will tend to be influenced by a peer group- Informational Influence
      • STUDY2- SHERIF (1935)
        • AIM- to demonstrate that people conform to group norms when they are put in an ambigious situaiton
          • He used the AUTOKINETIC EFFECT, where a small spot of light in a dark room will appear to move even though its still..... groups of 3 said their estimates & ppls estimates conformed to those of group mambers
            • the person whos estimate of movement was GRATLY DIFF to the average conformed to the other view of the 2. (Originally answers varied from 20-80 cm but was conformed)


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