Factors Affecting Attraction - Filter Theory

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  • Factors Affecting Attractiveness - Filter Theory
    • 1 - Social demography
      • Factors that effect the chance of partners meeting in the first place (eg) proximity, social class, ethnicity. easier accessibility but does limit potential partners.
    • 2 - Similarity in attitudes
      • Sharing similar believes and values. important to the development of relationships under 18 months.
    • 3  - Complementarity
      • The ability for partners to meet each other's needs (eg) one like to nurture and the other likes to be nurtured.Important for long term couples.
    • Support from research evidence
      • The idea that the needs of a relationship change over time has face validity. Winch (1958) found that similarities of interests, attitudes & personality were typical of early relationships.
    • Failure to replicate
      • Levinger (1974) pointed out that many studies have failed to replicate the findings. He puts this down to social change over time and the difficulty in defining the depth of a relationship. problems applying this theory to other individualist heterosexual relationships nevermind homosexual relationships.
    • Direction of cause & effect
      • Anderson (2003) found in a longitudinal study that cohabiting partners became more similar in their emotional responses over time (emotional convergence). David & Rusbult (2001) found that partner's attitudes fall into line with each other over time (attitude alignment effect).


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