fabric finishes

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  • Fabric finishes
    • what is it
      • a fabric finish is applied to fabric to improve its appearance feel or other properties
        • types of fabric finishes
          • coated
          • mechanical
            • brushing used on cotton,wool,nylon and polyester
              • brushing is when fabric is passed through wire rollers which brush the fabric leaving to leave it soft and fluffy
              • disadvantages: fabric is weekend
                • and more flamible
              • products applied to: fleece nightwear bedding
            • calendaring used on cotton
              • heated rollers press the surface of the fabric
                • to compact and give it shine
                • disadvantages: fabric needs dry cleaning to keep the finish. the finish isn't permanent
                • applied to furnishing fabric such as chintz
            • Embossing
              • engraved rollers press a relief pattern into fabric
                • Used in Dress fabrics and furnishing fabrics
            • shrinkage
              • fabric is steamed and placed over a vibrating conveyor belt to reduce chances of shrinkage later on
          • biological
          • chemical
            • Mercerising:
            • flame proofing
            • stain resistant
            • Easy care
            • Anti Static
            • Anti felting
            • A
            • moth proofing


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