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  • Alkanes
    • Reactions
      • Combustion
        • Reacts with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and water
        • Exothermic
      • Radical Substitution
        • Requires UV light
        • Homolytic fission for bond breaking
          • Produces two radicals with an unpaired electron
        • Initiation
        • Propagation
        • Termination
    • Boiling points
      • increases with chain length
        • More electrons and van der Waal's forces
      • Decreases when branching increases
        • Intermolecular forces are weaker
        • Straight chains can pack closer and has more van der Waal's
    • Saturated hydrocarbons
    • CnH2n+2
    • C-H bonds are non polar
      • Only van der Waal's forces in alkanes
      • Do not attract charged species
    • Bonds around each C are tetrahedral
      • Each C has 4 bond pairs in its outer shell which repel each other and gets as far as possible


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