F291 Human resources

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  • Human Resources
    • Training
      • Induction Training
        • Info on imortant policies and procedure e.g. health and safety
        • A tour of the organisation and introduction to colleagues
        • details of employment (e.g. payment arrangements, holiday entitlement) and basic duties
      • On-the-job training
        • Employees are not required to to leave the workplace
        • Receive training whilst remaining productive
      • Off-the-job training
        • Employees leave the workplace to receive training
        • More experienced instructors
        • Benefits
          • Increases the level and range if skills available
          • Increases the degree of flexibility within a business allowing it to respond quickly to changes in technology
        • Costs
          • It can be expensive for the training and the evaluation of the effectiveness
          • production disrupted meaning loss of output
          • Newly trained workers may be persuaded to leave and take on a better job
    • Recruitment
      • Internal Recruitment
        • redeploying or promoting people in the business
        • Advantages
          • Quicker and cheaper than external recruitment
          • greater variety
          • promotion opportunities may motivate employees
          • avoids need of induction training
          • Firm already aware of employees skills and attitude to work
        • Disadvantages
          • existing workers may not have skills required
          • Relying on existing employees may lead to a stagnation of ideas
          • It may create a vacancy elsewhere, postponing external recruitment rather than avoiding it
      • External Recruitment
        • External recruitment methods
          • media advertising
          • Jobcentres
          • commercial recruitment agencies
          • executive search consultamts
        • Factors determining methods used
          • The cost
          • the size of the recruitment budget
          • The location and characteristics of likely candidates
        • Advantages
          • Should result in a wider range of candidates than internal
          • Candidates may already have the skills required avoiding the need for training
        • Disadvantages
          • it can be expensive and time consuming
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