F211 Microscopy

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  • F211 Cells Revision- Microscopy
    • Magnification: the degree to which the size of an image larger than an object itself.
      • The higher the magnification, the larger the image.
      • Magnification: size of image/ actual object size
        • The higher the magnification, the larger the image.
        • You must use the same units when substituting into the equation.
      • Light microscope: x2000
      • TEM: x500,000
      • SEM: x100,000
    • Resolution: the ability to distinguish between 2 points. 'The minimum distance apart that two objects must be to appear separate.
      • The lower the resolution number the better.
      • Light microscope: 200nm
        • TEM: 0.2nm
          • SEM: 5nm
      • TEM: 0.2nm
        • SEM: 5nm


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