Ejyfjallajokull eruption

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  • Eyjafjnallajokuleruption
    • When, where, why?
      • 14th April 2010
      • Southern Iceland
      • Constructive boundary- Eurasian plate moving east, North American plate moving west.
        • Iceland also located above hot spot so magma easily rises.
          • Formed 1660m high shield volcano.
      • Eruption 250m under surface caused meltwater surge.
        • Led to 10km plume of ash being ejected  into atmosphere.
    • Impacts
      • 10 million passengers affected globally.
      • One day alone in Heathrow airport- 1,000 flights cancelled.
      • 11.7% dropping air passenger numbers in EU.
        • Ash 58% silica so very fine.
        • Polar Jet stream going west blew ash over Europe.
      • 2.8 million tonnes less CO2 released.
      • No deaths
      • Fresh fish exports affected.
    • Responses
      • 800 (local population) evacuated


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