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  • Eyjafjallajokull (Iceland-April 10)
    • Plate Tectonics
      • spreading ridge of NA (west) & Eurasian (east)
      • This constructive boundary is creating mid atlantic ridge. 1-5cm pa.
      • Elongated ice covered strato 2.5km wide summit. Fissure flows E & W flanks.
    • Naure
      • major problem volcanic ash. fine grained = turns to glassy substance due to heat jet engine. Britain anticyclonic weather. VEI 4
      • covered by galcier caused flood caused 700 evacuated
    • Vulnerability
      • 4 previous eruptions. Plenty warning signs, 3,000 earthquakesmajority less than 2.
      • area vulnerable as more acvtive and dangerous Katla nearby. Weather made ash worse
    • Capacity to cope
      • Icelandic meteorological office monitors movement and weather, issues warnings,
      • Seismologists and hyrologists on call.
      • IMO worked with iceland uni and British MO.therefore tracked and prepared for.
      • EU financial capacity. insurance in place.
    • Impact
      • many people in north not affected. 500 farmers in south evacuated. wore goggles and facemasks
      • Internationally- winds pushed ash N&W Europe. £130m pd for airlines (10m passengers). Car hire hiked.
      • Kenya affected as 20% economy based on export of vegetables.
      • 30,000 tonnes CO2 pd, main risk was water and soils and livestock.
    • Response
      • Entirely DOMESTIC. legal, technical infrastructure system could cope. more development to improve plane flying.


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