Eyewitness testimony

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  • Eyewitness testimony
    • Anxiety= Johnson and Scott
      • condition 1= over heard a heated argument and then a man appeared a bloody knife.
      • condition 2= over heard an argument and a man appeared holding a pen
      • asked to identify the man from a series of photos.
      • condition 1 33% were accurate and 2 49% were accurate
      • weapon draws attention and reduces accuracy.
    • Misleading questions= Loftus and Palmer
      • 45 students showed videos of car accident, split into 5 groups
      • Given a questionnaire after words, focused on speed question, changed verb
      • Smashed= 40.8, contacted= 31.8
      • the more powerful the verb the higher the estimate, negative effect on EWT.
    • Age= Yarmey
      • stopped 651 adults in public places and asked them to recall the physical characteristics of a women they had just spoke to
      • ages 18-29 & 30-44 were more confident and more accurate than 45-65


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