Eyewitness Testimony- Effects of Anxiety AO3

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  • Eyewitness Testimony- Effects of Anxiety AO3
    • weapon focus may not be relevent
      • Studies eg Johnson & Scott may test surprise rather than anxiety
        • Pickel (1998)- Hairdresser study
          • in different groups there was some scissors, gun, wallet and raw chicken
            • people in the chicken and gun group had less recall
              • shows people focus on things that aren't in our schema
    • Lab Studies lead to demand characteristics
      • a lot of the research on this are lab studies
        • they involve people watching videos of crimes
          • people want to be helpful, so give the answer they think the experimenter wants
            • a real eyewitness wouldn't know a crime will happen
          • people can figure out what the questions are
    • Field Studies lack control
      • researchers often interviews an eyewitness sometime after the experiment
        • in this time gap they've had post event discussion
          • talk to others, newspaper
            • cant control extraneous variables
          • leading questions from police
            • cant control extraneous variables
    • inducing anxiety can cause psychological harm
      • Johnson & Scott with a knife and blood
        • the experimenter should make the person aware they might see those images. inorder to study anxiety people have to be anxious


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