Eye Witness Testimony and Memory

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  • Eye Witness Testimony and Memory
    • Age
      • Children- Are they reliable for EWT?
        • Children have an "Undeveloped Schema"- Koriat et al.
          • Schema:  'Retrieval mechanism' within your mind.
        • Poole and Lindsey (2001) Younger children are unable to distinguish the source of the information.
        • Davies- Disagrees children are unreliable as the differences between children and adults are overstated.
      • Elderly- Are they reliable for EWT?
        • Yarmey (1984) suggested that elderly witnesses are prone to failure in recall.
        • Cohen and Faulkener: Found that in a recall test, elderly pps were more susceptible to the misleading information,
    • Anxiety
      • Loftus and Burns (1982) Recall was impaired due to anxiety.
      • Loftus (1979) Weapon Focus Phenomenon- In a violent encounter, pps were more focused on the weapon.
      • Anxiety in Real Life Situations
        • Christianson and Hubinette (1993) In real life situations, high levels of anxiety can increase accuracy in recall.
      • Yerkes Dobson Law
        • The relationship states that stress or anxiety increases performance up to an optimal point.
    • Misleading Information
      • Loftus and Zanni (1975) Showed that a minor difference in the wording of a question can influence recall.
      • Loftus (1979) Found that people are not generally misled by information that is blatantly incorrect.
    • This is brief information- you need to learnt the full methodology and evaluations for each study.


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