eye strain

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  • Eye Strain
    • Caused: Looking at acomputer for a long time
      • Symptoms: Headaches, sore eyes
      • OCCURS
        • Lighting in the room is ast wong level - screen cannot be read easily
        • the screen is poorly sied causing glae or reflection on the screen
        • the screen is of a poor quality and flickers
        • Contrast on the screen is poor
      • Having suitable lighting
      • Using non-flickering screens
      • Fitting screen filters to prevent glare and reflection
      • Fitting approriate blinds to windows to reduce glare and prevent sunshine reflection
      • wearing approriate spectacles while using a computer
      • Ensuring that th ee line of the user is approximately level with he top of the screen and that he screen is sloghtly titlted
      • Regulaly focusin on a distant object and then refocusing on the screen
      • Having regula eye tests to ensure the use of appropriate spectacles


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