Loftus and Palmer

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  • Eye Witness Testimony - Research
    • Loftus and Palmer
      • Asked pps how fast car was going when they (hit, bumped, collided, contacted, smashed) together
        • Smashed condition was highest = 40.8
        • Contacted was lowest = 31.8
    • Loftus and Zanni
      • Leading Q's: 'did you see the broken headlight?' vs 'a' broken headlight
        • Pps more likely to say yes in the 'the' condition
    • Clifford and Scott
      • Shown film of violent attack: pps remembered fewer of the 40 items of information about the event than control group.
        • Memory may be effected more in real life incident as it is more stressful
    • Yuille and Cutshall
      • Witnesses in real life incident of shooting outside gun shop had accurate memories of stressful event even after long time
        • 2 misleading questions had no effect
    • Loftus et al
      • Restaurant scenes shown to pps - in 1 customer held cheque book, in 2 customer held gun
        • Pps showed weapon focus in gun scene. less likely to identify customer in line-up


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