Abiotic & Biotic factors - A2

Mindmap of biotic and abiotic factors

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  • Eycosystems
    • Abiotic
      • Physical and chemical factors
      • Solar energy input
        • Affected by latitude  season, changes in orbit. Needed for photosynthesis. Light affects behavior in organisms.
      • Oxygen availability
        • Important in aquatics. Eg, Fast flowing stream are often more oxygenated
      • Pollution
        • Can affect land water and air. Habitats.
      • Edaphic factors
        • Connected with soil, pH of soil, and mineral salt avalibility. Soil texture.
      • Climate
        • Rainfall, wind, temperature  etc. Affects behavior of organisms  Eg, breeding.
      • Topography
        • Altitude (climate), slope, aspect (direction the land faces), and drainage
      • Catatrosphes
        • Not frequent events that disturb conditions of a habitat greatly. Eg, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, volcanic eruptions, Forrest fires.
    • Biotic
      • Factors determines by organism
      • Living factors
      • Density dependant
        • Size of population relative to the area availible
      • Competition
        • For resources. Eg; food, light, space. Can be intraspecific (within a species) or Interspecific (between species)
      • Mutualism
        • Relationship where both partners benefit
      • Grazing, Predation, and Paracitism
        • Relationship between 2 organisms where one benefits at the others expense


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