Extramarital Sex and Religious Approaches

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  • Extramarital sex
    • Not much conflict arises from this issue as it is still very much frowned upon
      • Still the primary reason for someone suing someone for divorce
    • It is as much of an issue as it has ever been throughout history
    • Biblical teachings are specific and say that adultery is wrong and CAN be punishable by death (old testament)
      • Jesus was known to save a women from being stoned to death for being adulterous
    • One of the commandments "thou shall not commit adultery"
    • Some Christians view people who have divorced and remarried as having an adulterous relationship as they made sacred life-long vows to their first spouse
    • Very much viewed under a negative light in most communities
    • Sexual issue with the least debate around it
    • Everyone agrees it is wrong so why is it such a prominent and continuing problem?


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