Extracting Copper

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  • Extracting copper
    • we extract most of our copper from copper rich ores however, there are limited resources of copper rich ores which are in danger of running out.
    • Phytomining & Bio-leaching  of LOW GRADE COPPER ORES
      • Phytomining
        • 1)plants absorb copper ions from low grade copper ores.
          • 2)plants are then burned so the copper can be extracted   from the ashes
            • 3) the copper can then be "leached" (dissolved) from the ash by adding sulphuric acid, making a solution of copper sulphate.
              • 4)the you can use iron to displace copper.
      • Bio-leaching
        • 1)bacteria feed on the low grade copper ores.
          • 2) by biological and chemical processes we can get a solution of copper ions (called a "leachate")
            • 3) we can then use iron to displace the copper
              • 4) purify the copper using electrolysis.


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