The Prelude - Ice Skating

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  • Extract from, The Prelude
    • William Wordsworth
      • 19th Century  during the Romantic Period
    • Beginning
      • 'frosty season' & 'cottage windows blazed'
        • The choice of frosty presents a pleasant, bracing scene.  The windows that blazed adds a cheerful note whilst it is winter the images of beauty and warmth still shine.
      • 'It was a time of rapture!'
        • Wordsworth celebrates childhood showing that the boisterous fun is so great that it is like a religious experience.
    • Middle
      • 'We hissed along the polished ice'
        • The poet uses verbs to do with movement and sound elevating the kinetic energy that is associated with the children.
      • ' the precipices rang aloud'
        • The natural world is drawn as hard and frozen but it has its own voice.  The verb 'rang' suggest the country side is almost alive.
    • End
      • 'The orange sky of the evening died away'
        • The final image reminds us of the dying sunshine.  The day is ending and so is the year in the poem.  It signifies the poet turning into an adult.
      • 'an alien sound / Of melancholy'
        • The idea of melancholy introduces us to a sense of sadness and insight into Wordsworth's nostalgia as these days of innocence is long gone.
    • Context
      • The Prelude was the first part of a 3 part epic poem called The Recluse
      • Main themes: Man, Nature and Society
      • Lived in the Lake District and spent most of his time outdoors as a way of escaping
      • Romantic Poet
    • Structure & Form
      • The poem is written in blank verse - this means it has no rhyme scheme, but is still written in iambic pentameter
      • one long verse


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