What is knowledge

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  • Knowledge
    • three types of knowledge;      knowing how to read a book,knowing tom, knowing that it is raining (propositional knowledge)
    • In philsophy, definitions involve providing necessary and sufficient conditions for something; what are these conditions for knowledge?
      • A knows P, A believes P, P is true and A is justified in believing in P
        • Traditional definition of knowledge - justified, true belief
    • knowledge without truth? sometimes we say things like 'people knew that the earth was flat in the middle ages and then they realised they were wrong' but can this literally be true?
      • knowledge requires truth; if I know something then it is true..I can't say 'it is not raining but I know it is' so knowledge is linked to truth as well as belief.
        • if I know something does that mean I believe it ? Can I say I know it is raining but I don't believe it is?
          • I can say 'I know it but I just can't believe it' as it is an expression or with a surprise but if I know something then I can't say I also don't believe it.
            • So knowledge is related to belief!
              • But what about Fred.    When fred was at school he learnt that the battle of hastings was in 1066. Years later his daughter asked him when the battle of hasting was, he replied 'no idea' and then suddenly said 1066. His daughter asked if he meant that the battle of Hastings was in 1066 and Fred replied I dunno, maybe. Does this mean Fred knows when the battle of hastings was, does he believe it was in 1066?


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