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  • External gender
    • Impact of feminism
      • Feminism is a social movement that strives for equal rights for women in all areas of life.
      • Since the 60s, they have challenged the traditional stereotype os a womens role as solely that of a mother and housewife
      • McRobbie 1994 study of girls magazines. In the 70s it highlighted the importance of getting married and nowadays they contain images of assertive, independent women
      • This would affect a girls self image and ambitions
    • Changes in the family
      • Increase in divorce rate, increase in cohabitation, decrease in number of first time marriages, increase in number of lone parent families, smaller families
      • Increase in number of female headed lone parent families may mean more women take on the role of the breadwinner.
      • To achieve independence women would need to get qualifications to get a good job
    • Changes in womens employment
      • 1970 equal pay act made it illegal to pay women less than men for work of equal value
      • 1975 sex discrimination act outlaws discrimination at work
      • Since 1975 the pay gap between men and women has halved from 30% to 15%
      • The proportion of women in employment has risen from 53% in 1971 to 70% in 2018
      • Some women are now breaking the glass ceiling
    • Girls changing ambitions
      • Sharpe 1994 interviews with girls in 70s and 90s. In 1974, girls had low aspirations and believed educational success as unfeminine . They gave priorities as love and marriage
        • In 90s, girs ambitions had changed and and they had a different order of priorities- carrers
      • O'conors 2006 study of 14-17 year olds found marriage was not a major part of their life plans
      • Beck and beck- Gernsheim 2001 linked this to the trend towards individualisation in modern societies , where independence is valued .


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