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  • Exposure
    • Personification" Our brains ache, in the merciless iced east winds that knive us
      • Emphasises their hardship and the enemies they must force; it is not just other soldiers against them but nature
      • Correlates to the poems name/ core meaning as they are constantly vulnerable
      • 'brains ache' insinuates the mental fatigue and manipulation
      • The winds are phantoms of the soldiers they are yet to fight
      • The cold can burn/ sling, mimicking actual weapons
      • They can't control nature or defeat it
      • The wind 'stabs' them a particularly violent/ relentless attack. Connects its to bayonets on the end of rifles
      • It impacts their hope/ determination and ruins their motivation to fight/ feel patriotic
      • The wind seems to stalk them- attacks are unexpected
      • The war is a physical and mental challenge 'brains ache'
      • The 'knife' like frostbite
    • Personification "Attacks once more in ranks on shivering ranks of grey, but something happens"
      • Personifies the weather as if it was a second army
      • The ranks of soldiers are disordered/ shivering due to cold
      • No control/ sense of direction from the generals
      • 'Nothing' happens- contrast- emphasises helplessness of the men
      • Frustration/ paranoia increases during the silence
      • 'Ranks'- the dead are remembered/ ranked and glorified, but the survivors aren't credited / noted
      • Exhausation 'once more' preparing to die/ no energy
      • They're forced to continue, but the meaning is lost
      • Repetition of 'nothing happens' increases tension/ involves the reader
    • Metaphor "Like twitching agonises of men among its brambles"
      • Nature is demonisied
      • The brambles represent the barbed wire/ a wall preventing escape. Bodies are dying, caught on it
      • The agony is visual, but silent- they're expected to conceal their fear like machines/ twitch like puppets on a string
      • The pain is extreme- physical and mental- they see the suffering
      • The men are only recognised after death before this- like machines
      • Wind/ men connect- both expendable and are not consistent
    • Metaphor "All their eyes are ice, but nothing happens
      • Eyes frozen 'open'- always aware
      • Forced to be like this (machines)
      • Could also signify death and the fast that they are not classified as individuals, until later
      • Suspense- the wind/ conditions are the invisible enemy- more deadly
      • 'Ice'- emotions/ hope have been stripped from the soldiers. They are dead/cold
      • They are 'machine-like'- no souls
      • War is futile- no gain


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