Explorers or Boys Messing About?

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  • Explorers or Boys Messing About?
    • Form
      • broadsheet newspaper: more serious/ formal, although slightly subjective
    • 'tragedy' emotive word juxtaposes 'farce'
    • 'plucked' belittles them , making them sound small
    • 'experts questioned the wisdom' sarcasm
    • Reference to the 'taxpayer' involves reader and gives them a reason to be interested
    • 'The Russians threatened to send military planes'
      • This extreme situation makes the men seem foolish and immature
    • 'plunged' dramatic to exaggerate the rescue
    • 'The Royal Navy, the RAF and the British Coastguard' triplet further exaggerates the stupidity
    • Technical jargon makes writer seem knowledgeable compared to the men
    • 'trusty helicopter'
      • irony make them look foolish
    • 'the drama' hyperbole ridicules men
    • experience the boys have had is mentioned casually in the middle, giving an overall impression of stupidity
    • 'claims to have been flying since the age of five'
      • The author undermines the men, emphasising their foolishness
    • 'highly unlikely it would recover any of the money'
      • triggers the readers as the taxpayers are losing out
    • 'they'll probably have their bottoms kicked and be sent home the long way'
      • childish punishment implies once again men are foolish and immature


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