Explore the changes the Reverand Hale Undergoes in the course of the play

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  • Explore the changes the Reverand Hale undergoes in the course of the play
    • To analytical
      • Then gets caught up in the euphoria that troubles the town
    • Accusations spread around the town, innocent people are being killed
      • He feels responsible for condeming innocent people leading to their death
    • Act One
      • He approaches job with excitement.
        • "His goal is light, goodness, and its preservation."
          • Trained hard and is now happy to work his magic
            • Arrogant and cocky personality
            • Hale describes his books as "weighted with authority
      • He was summoned by Parris to investigate the witchcraft that he believes has taken over Salem
      • First introduced
      • Confident
        • Hale describes his books as "weighted with authority
    • Act Two
      • confidence is wearing away
        • starts to doubt his own conclusions
          • "This is a strange time,"
    • Act Three
      • Hales confidence is shattered due to Abigail's mischievous plot to frame John, and quits court and storms out in anger.
    • Act Four
      • Hale is defeated by the witch trials
        • He tells convicted witches to confess so then they would not be hung
          • Purposly lying because he has no faith in the court
        • Metaphor
          • To wash blood of his hands
            • To try and get rid of something that has been done wrong
              • Convay to Hales failed attempt to get people to confess
                • Hale pleads to Elizabeth to change Johns mind
                  • "What profit him to bleed? Shall the dust praise him? Shall the worms declare his truth?"
                    • Reverend Hale's attitude has changed completely throughout his stay in Salem


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