Exploitations of the Taiga (Canada)

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  • Exploitations on the Taiga (Canada Case Studies)
    • Athabasca Tar (Oil) Sands, Alberta
      • Lies under an area of 15,000kmsq but only 500kmsq has been mined.
      • Could hold 1.7 trillion barrels of oil.
      • Extracted by deforesting Taiga to ***** mine the surface or steaming out the tar.
        • Each method destroys the forest and produces toxic waste that's collected in tailing ponds
      • 2-4 tonnes of water is used for each tonne of oil made, also natural gas for heating the water into steam
    • James Bay HEP Project, Quebec
      • One of the largest HEP plants that generates 16,500 MW of electricity.
      • Cost over US$20 billion and built 1974-2012.
      • 11,000 kmsq of taiga forest has been flooded during the construction.
      • Mercury has been released which has decayed reservoirs, polluted two rivers and has killed fish and the local Cree Indian population.
      • The migration of Caribou have been disrupted by roads, dams, reservoirs and electricity pylons


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