explanations for sleep walking

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  • Explanations of sleep walking
    • Incomplete arousal - seems to occurs when someone is in deep sleep (SWS) is awakened but the arousal of the brain is incomplete. (Beta waves occur which are associated with an awake state.
    • Risk factors - some things appear to increase the likelihood on sleep walking occuring -- sleep deprivation, alcohol, stress, hormonal changes during puberty. It doesnt trigger it in all people though suggesting some individuals may have an inherited vulnerability.
    • Children -Children have more SWS than adults, this could be why it is more common in children.
      • Another posibility is that the part of the brain which inhibits motor sctivity in SWS is not succesfully developed in some children (and adults).
    • Research evidence for a genetic basis - Broughton found that the prevelence of sleep walking in 1st degree relatives of an effected subject is atleast 10x greater that in the general population.
    • Diathesis-stress model -- propeses that genes provide a vulnerability for a disorder bit the disorder will only occur in situations of environmental 'stress'.
      • Resarch support - Zadra -- studied 40 pateints who had been referred to the sleep lab. They were prevented from sleeping. On the first night 50% showed signs of SW. Which rose to 90% on the second night. Sleep deprivation does not cause SW in normal individuals so this shows that SD acted as a 'stressor' for indivinduals whith a vulnerability
    • IDA
      • Nature v Nurture
      • Jules Lowe - killed father in sleep RWA


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