Explanations of obedience

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  • Explanations of obedience
    • L
      • Legitimate Authority - authority that is recognised as legitimate and justified by both the ruler and the ruled
        • e.g. in Milgram's experiment, the experimenter is perceived to hold this authority
    • Girls
      • Gradual Commitment - pp's have already committed themselves to giving lower level shocks, therefore harder to resist experimenter's requests of higher shocks
    • Bang
      • Buffers - teacher and learner are in separate rooms - the teacher being protected (buffered) from having to see his victim
    • A
      • Agentic Shift - where people see themselves as an agent carrying out the instructions of another person
        • e.g. in Milgram's experiment the participant is taking orders from the expeimenter
    • D
      • Disposition - authoritarian personality does not want to give orders, they want to take orders - seeks conformity, security
    • S
      • Situation - people underestimate the power of the situation to influence and shape their behaviour
        • e.g. when the venue of the experiment was changed to a rundown office obedience decreased


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