Explanations of conformity.

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  • Explanations of conformity.
    • Normative social influence.
      • This happens when an individual acts in the same way as the majority without actually accepting their view.
      • Also know as compliance.
        • BULLYING-Garandeau and Cillessen showed how children with a low level of friendship can be manipulated by a skillfull bully.
        • NORMATIVE INFLUENCE AND SMOKING- accepted that thier is a strong correlation between peoples normative beliefs and thier behaviour.(Linkenbach and Perkins)
        • CONSERVATION BEHAVIOUR-Schultz et al found that hotel guest exposed to the normative message, 75% of guest reused their towels each day.
    • Informational social influence.
      • When inderviduals go along with the majority beause then genuinely believe its right.
      • Also know as internalistion
        • POLITICAL OPINION- Fein et al showed how judgments of candidates could be influenced by knowledge of the reactions of the majority.
        • DEVELOPMENT OF SOCIAL STEREOTYPES-exposure to negative information more likely to shape social stereotpes it represented as "view of the majority" (Wittenbrink and Henly)
        • MAA PSYCHOGENIC ILLNESS-Jones at al, illness symptoms can spead rapidally among members of a group even though there is no cause.
  • Also know as compliance.


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