Factors Influencing Attitudes to Food

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  • Explanations Influencing Attitudes to Food
    • Social Learning Theory
      • Parental Modelling - where the parent controls what you eat at home so they learn what food to eat through punishment and reward.
        • Brown  and Ogden - found correlation between parents and children, in terms of how often they snack, eating motivations and body dissatisfaction
          • What about Genetics?
      • Media Effects - where parents learn about food through the media.
        • MacIntyre et al - Media has a major impact on what people eat BUT does depend on circumstances e.g can they afford it?
    • Mood
      • Binge Eating - Mood seems to affect binge eating as individuals with bulimia tend to complain of anxiety before bingeing.
        • Wegner et al - had stuednts record eating behaviour and mood over 2 weeks. Binge days = low mood
      • Mood has also been seen to affect comfort eating.
        • Garg et al - observed food choices in ppts as they watched either a sad film or a happy film. ppts offered grapes or popcorn. Sad film = 36%more popcorn. Upbeat = far more grapes.
          • Individual differences not considered - may not be mood affecting choice but what is learnt to be associated with that mood.
    • Gender bias - if it is these things then we should see equal numbers of male and female eating disorders but it is much higher for girls.
    • RWA  - can use this info to teach parents not to associate food with mood or we could make media more effective and healthy as we know it holds a great impact.


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