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  • Explanations for the success/failure of dieting
    • Psychological explanations
      • The Boundary Model
        • Herman and Polivy
        • An attempt to explain why dieting may lead to overeating
        • Hunger keeps food intake above a certain minimum level and satiety below a certain maximum level
        • Dieters set a cognitive diet boundary
          • Can occasionally go over this boundary (self imposed limit)
          • Dieters tend to have a larger range between hunger and satiety
        • Preload/taste test
      • The Restraint Theory
        • Wardle and Beales (27 obese women)
      • Denial
        • Wegner et al - white bear
        • Keys et al - Minnesota Starvation Study
      • Herman and Mack, milkshake study
        • Supports the Boundary Model
    • Successful dieting
      • Detail
        • Redden - paying attention to what's being eaten
      • Biological techniques
        • Drugs
          • Orlistat and Sibutramine
        • Surgery
          • Gastric band/bypass
    • Mann et al - dieting generally doesn't work
    • Ogden
      • What makes a person decide to go on a diet? - Media influence, family, ethnicity social class, peer groups


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