Explanations of schizophrenia

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  • Explanations of schizophrenia
    • Genetic
      • We inherit schizophrenia through our genotype.
      • Gottesman and Shield: concordance rates- 48% for MZ twins.
      • Tienari: Diathesis stress model. We have a predisposition to develop SZ  which only develops when we are in a family that has a abnormal/ stressful environment.
    • Biomedical
      • excessive amount of dopamine in the brain
      • Dopamine is the main pleasure neurotransmitter
      • When domaine levels are increased to decrease parkinson, patients were found to have  SZ symptoms
    • Cognitive
      • Frith  noted SZ may be linked with a deficient metarepresntation system.
      • Also that there is a problem in the central monitoring system: Inability to generate willed and monitor willed action and generate and monitor the beliefs of others


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