Explanations of domestic violence

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  • Explanations of domestic violence
    • Radical feminist
      • marriage ensures male dominance
      • explains why the police and courts are reluctant to report it
      • men are the exploiters and enemy of women
      • shulamith firestone and kate millet
      • society is patriarchal and DV is an expected outcome
      • evaluation
        • strengths
          • explains why its men v women
          • explains why police are reluctant
        • weaknesses
          • not all men are violent
            • faith robertson
          • doesn't explain why women are the victims
    • Materialistic view
      • domestic violence due to stress of an economically unequal society
      • those on lower incomes experience more hardships
      • evaluation
        • strengths
          • explains the difference in DV stats of middle/working class
          • DV due to capitalism and that's why men take it out on women
            • fran Ansley
        • weaknesses
          • doesn't explain why women are victims
          • not all working class commit these violent acts


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