Explanations for forgetting

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  • Interference theory
    • Proactive interference
      • Old information interferes with remembering new information
    • Retroactive interference
      • New information disrupts previously stored information
    • Evaluation
      • Tends to use lab experiments and artificial situations
        • Lacks mundane realism and ecological validity
        • Easily replicated, controlled, check for reliability and standardised
      • Clearly supported by research evidence
      • Only gives us an explanation for forgetting but doesn't use cognitive processes to explain
      • Only explains forgetting when information is similar
    • Interference theory research evidence
      • Baddeley and Hitch (1977) Rugby players remember teams they played; forgetting occurred during more games played rather than more time passed between game
      • Postman (1960)   Two lists of similar words vs control group with only one list; control had better recall as only had one list
    • Interference
      • Forgetting when similar material is confused in the recall from the LTM


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