Explanations for forgetting

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  • Explanations for forgetting
    • Intererence
      • Proactive: Previously learnt info interferes with new info
      • Retroactive: New memory interferes with older ones
      • Two pieces of information conflict with each other, more likely to forget if memories are similar
      • We forget due to accessibility- memories don't decay, we just cannot access them due to conflicting info
    • Retrieval failure
      • Encoding specificity principle: if a cue is to help us, it had to be present at the time of encoding. Meaningfully linked/non meaningfully linked
      • Context-dependant forgetting: where you learnt something e.g. on land/underwater. Likely to forget if context is different to that of learning
      • State-dependant forgetting: in what state you leaned something e.g. drunk/sober. Likely to forget something you learnt when you were drunk when you are sober.
    • Evaluation
      • S: Controlled experiment, reliable. Real-life application, used in EWT to improve recall.
      • W: Demand characteristics. Lacks EV, not usually asked to recall list of words in everyday life. Groups who learnt/recalled in different environments disrupted, reduces reliability. Studies do not take into account meaning of info/motivation to recall.


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