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  • Explanations for Depression
    • Cognitive Explanation
      • Depression is an example of a disorder that can be explained by reference to principles within the cognitive approach.
      • If depression involves negative thought patterns, as it seems to, then encouraging re balancing of negative thoughts might be one way of helping someone overcoming depression.
      • In CBT changing thought processes is believed to change behavior and emotions.
    • Beck's Cognitive model of depression
      • Depression arises from negative interpretations of events
      • Individuals who become depressed develop negative schemata. This can be for reasons such as rejection by peers, loss ect.. These schemata are then triggered by new situations.
      • Cognitive Triad
        • -Negative view of self    -Negative view of future -Negative view of the world
      • Early experiences and genetic factors produce beliefs, which set up assumptions about the world
      • Schemata involve developing positive and negative beliefs and attitudes to interpret the world. A pattern of negative beliefs can make someone vulnerable to depression.
    • The Monoamine Hypothesis: a Biological Explanation
      • Monoamines are a group of neurotransmitters including serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine.
      • There is evidence to suggest that low levels of norepinephrine can cause depression and high levels can cause mania.
      • Serotonin levels being low can cause depression or mania.
        • One role of serotonin is to regulate other transmitters and without regulation there can be erratic brain functioning and thinking patterns,
      • Low levels of norepinephrine can come from low levels of serotonin, another link to depression
      • Dopamine is related to the ability to show motivation and attention and to feel pleasure, so low levels of dopamine will link to depression.


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