Explanations for Conformity (ISI/NSI)

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  • Explanations for Conformity
    • Informational Social Influence (ISI)
      • we agree with the opinion of the group because we believe that they are, and we want to be correct - may lead to internalisation
      • (EG) Not knowing the answer to a question in class but agreeing with the majority because we think they are right
    • Normative Social Influence (NSI)
      • We agree with the majority because we want to be accepted and liked - may lead to compliance
      • (EG) starting a new job and laughing at colleagues because we want to be liked and accepted by them
    • Research support for ISI
      • Lucas (2006) asked students to give answers to maths problems that were easy or difficult, there was greater conformity to incorrect answers that were difficult than easy, this was most true for those who rated their maths ability as poor
    • Individual differences in NSI
      • people who are generally less concerned with being liked are less affected by NSI than those who care more about being liked (nAfilliators)  - McGhee & Teevan (1967) found that students in high need of affiliation were more likely to conform
    • ISI & NSI Work Together
      • in Asch's research, conformity was reduced when there was one other dissenting pts - this dissenter may reduce the power of NSI or ISI


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