Explanation of unsuccessful dieting

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  • Explanation of unsuccessful dieting
    • A01- Restraint theory
      • Herman and Mack- research suggests that 89% of female population in UK restrain food intake at some point.
      • This theory attempts to explain both the causes and consequences associated with cognitive restriction of food intake.
      • It suggests that attempting to not eat actually increase probability of overeating. Trying not to eat makes you want to eat more
        • According to psychological factors this is what they were trying to prevent.
    • A02-Restraint theory
      • Wardle and Beales- investigated whether dieting results in overeating.
      • They randomly got 27 obese individuals to either diet group, exercise group or a non treatment group for 7 weeks, tested out 4 -6 weeks , at 4 food intake and appetite were assessed before /after a pre load.
      • They found women in the diet condition ate more than women in the non treatment and exercise group.
        • This suggests that because they were restricting food intake, this makes you want to eat and focus on food more.
        • Exercise may be more successful than dieting.


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