Explanations of successful dieting

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  • Explanation of successful dieting
    • AO1- Attention
      • Redden- the secret of a successful diet is the attention we pay to what is being eaten, focusing on food and not trying to avoid food will increase the success of dieting attempting to avoid it makes it more appealing.
      • People usually like experiences less as they repeat them ,which makes dieting hard to stick to , people get bored eating same things.
      • To avoid boredom we should focus on specific details , by doing this people will get bored less easily and maintain diet better.
    • AO2-Attention
      • Redden- carried out experiment which aimed to investigate the theory of attention being the key
      • Gave 135 people 22 jelly beans -1 group saw general information other saw specific details.
        • He found that participants got bored if they saw general information, enjoyed it more when they saw specific details.
          • It suggests that they focus on specific details in order to avoid this boredom and maintain diet better.


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