Explaining secularisation

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  • Explaining secularisation
    • Social change, such as industrialisation and the growth of scientific knowledge, would lead to the weakening of disappearance of religion.
    • Durkheim believed that industrialisation and urbanisation would result in social fragmentation leading to individualism. However maintained that as all societies need a sacred element in order to survive, religion would eventually enjoy a resurgence.
    • Marx believed that the death of religion was inevitable. Industrialisation had produced capitalism, which used religion to legitimate social class inequality.
      • Religion would not be needed in the future society.
    • Weer- As society became more rational , religion would gradually be eroded. He agreed with Marx as he saw secularisation as inevitable.
      • H believed there would be no place for myth and magic in a rational world.
      • Weber
    • Berger - People are exposed to a  number of religions  due to urbanisation. Multi faith society has meant that shared beliefs compete with the rest.
    • Disengagement- The church is no longer related to the state. Used to have many social responsibilities but have been take over by the Government. Education as well.


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