Explain why the Panama Canal was built.

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  • Explain why the Panama Canal was built.
    • Commercial
      • Built  to shorten the distance ships had to travel between Atlantic and Pacific Ocean.
        • Made obvious with Spanish-American war.
      • Prior to building, took a ship around 67 days and after 8,000 miles were eliminated from trip.
        • This would save money and time by cargo being able to be transported quicker.
    • Military
      • Roosevelt became more interested in building canal after winning Spanish-American war.
        • Aqcuired Puerto Rico, Philippines and Guam then needed a shorter route for naval ships needing to pass between the two oceans.
      • Failed negotiations with Colombia led to US providing funds and a naval blockade in support of Panama's revolution.
      • 1903 Panama sold the rights to the canal for $10 million.


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