G4 question- explain why global demand for food is increasing

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  • Explain why global demand for food is increasing
    • Increasing population- Chinas population growth is very rapid, in 2010 is was 1354 million and estimation for 2025 is 1470.8 million. This could be because you need more deaths that births to have a population decrease and with an ageing population, it doesn't look like its going to happen.
      • India also have an increasing population. In 2010 it was 1210.6 million and estimation for 2025 is 1351.8 million. This could be because Indian people want a boy in their family so the want for a son produces many daughters.
        • Also, child labour is another cause for an increasing population. Poor parents produce many offspring so that their children can work and bring money to the family.
      • Also,wealthy individuals pay the fine for having multiple children.
    • More people are becoming middle class so can afford to eat the food that they want. This also means that people are eating more than they need, therefore increasing the demand for food as calorie consumption increases. As income levels increase, demand for food rises.
      • The income growth changes peoples diets as they shift towards a higher protein, more resource intensive diet. More and more people are becoming meat lovers.


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