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  • Explain why a bus boycott began in Montgomery.
    • The NAACP had considered using unmarried, pregnant teenager, Claudette Colvin.
    • Some people thought MLK was a compromise candidate leader.
    • There was a large African American community in Montgomery with a potentially significant economic impact.
    • The NAACP were confident of victory and that it could have a nationwide impact.
    • A unanimous boycott stood a good chance of success.
    • Other organisations helped, including Alabama State College.
    • The NAACP had been looking for a suitable figurehead to challenge bus segregation laws.
    • Black Shoppers could not get downtown so white businesses lost $1 million.
    • There had already been a successful bus boycott in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
    • Black organisations including the Church and NAACP had successfully used these tactics before.


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