Weber's view of religion

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  • Explain Weber's view of religion
    • Remember: Pre, When, Sam and Emma, Saw, Centre Parcs, Coming, Because of Sight, they were, Exceptionally, Proud
      • Predestination, where does religion come from, suffering and evil, soteriology, charismatic prophets,  capitalism, behaviour of society, exceptions, protestants
    • Pre - Predestination
      • Weber believed in the concept of predestination, stemming from the idea of Puritans and Calvinism. He notices the Protestant Work Ethic in one of his works, and said that the reason protestants worked so hard was because they saw the sign of being an 'elect few' as wealth
      • "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God" (Matthew 19:23)
    • When - Where does religion come from?
      • Weber noticed that religion comes from the idea that we need to fulfil our basic needs, and to begin with in developing years, this was easy to do through worshipping God's for food etc, now it has changed and become more reliant on other things. He also believed that religion gave an explanation to suffering and evil through the concept of soteriology the pursuit of salvation and eternal life. it also applied order to the choas
        • Synoptic to Maslow and his hierarchy of needs, it is fulfilled at a lower level so they move onto other things
          • "What a man can be he must be, this need we call self actualisation" (Maslow)
          • Durkhiem's idea of totemism
        • Synoptic to irenaeus and his idea that suffering is needed to take us onto better things
        • "The irrationality of the world is the driving force for all religious revolution" (Weber)
    • Charismatic Prophets
      • He looked at the work of Jesus, Mohammed and the Buddha and noticed that they were all strong and confident people who where able to gain many follower, allowing their religious beliefs to develop into something more.
        • "love one another as I have loved you" (John 13:34)
    • Capitalism
      • Weber saw capitalism as a 'way of life' because of his link to the Protestant Work Ethic, he believed that religion developed a capitalist society that encouraged people to pursue wealth
    • Behaviour of society
      • He noticed that religion depended on the society you lived in to the type of religion you would adopt. If you lived in a society that needed food or water urgently, then that would be your main priority, but others might need more materialistic needs, because they are developed countries who have gotten through material goals
        • Once again synoptic to Maslow's hierarchy of needs and their are links to Marx too, because they both see religion as a tool of society
          • "Religion is the Opium of the masses" (Marx)
    • Exceptions
      • However, He did notice that there were exceptions in religion, such as Hinduism and Buddhism who don't focus of the pursuit of wealth or have a hierarchical system like that of more linear religions


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