Explain the causes of the Northern Rising 1569.

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  • Explain the causes of the Northern Rising 1569.
    • Political Causes
      • Established Northern families fearful and distrustful of William Cecil (Queen Elizabeth I's cheif advisor).
        • Felt that their power was decreasing and that the Fuedal system was also in decline.
      • Duke of Norfolk (the Queen's cousin) threatened the Northern nobles.
        • His control of the Council of the North threatened them as their powers could be limited due to the Council being given wider powers to administer.
        • He planned to marry Mary Queen of Scotts so the nobles were wary of him being able to influence her decisions once he put her on the throne.
      • Under Queen Elizabeth I's reign, the Duke of Northumberland found his position to be deprived therefore his power was limited.
    • Religious Causes
      • As the rebels were from the North the majority were Catholic by habit.
        • The rebels' actions of restoring mass at Durham Cathedral and as they were from the Northern Conservative Catholic areas and the monarch was Protestant, the rebels had religious incentive to rebel.
        • The Duke of Northumberland stated he was rebelling for religious reasons and not due to the marriage.
        • Mary Queen of Scots arrival to England in 1568 acted as a catalyst for the rebellion - the rebels saw an opportunity to re-Catholicise England.
        • The nobles resented the appointment of a Protestant Bishop of Durham by the crown.
    • Economic Causes
      • The crown wouldn't allow the Duke of Northumberland his rights to profit from the copper mines that were discovered in his estate grounds.
      • Due to successive assaults on the nobles' lands, their lands were confiscated.
      • Tenants had risen against the gentry.
    • Other Causes
      • The Duke of Norfolk had been arrested so the rebels felt like they had to either act or flee.
        • As the Countess of Northumberland was very powerful, she led men out in rebellion.
      • The rebels could rise easily as the North wasn't and integral part of the Tudor infrastrcuture.
      • The Catholic Earl of Westmoreland's wife pressured her husband and the Duke of Northumberland to rise.
    • Conclusion
      • Variety of causes but primarily caused by politico-religous reasons.


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