two consequences of the Potsdam conference

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  • explain two consequences of the Potsdam conference
    • para 1: increased tensions between the West and USSR
      • western powers and the soviet union had different ideal outcomes of ww2
      • the day after the Tehran conference Truman tested atomic bomb, in order to threaten USSR
      • stalin (USSR): commuist, wanted to spread communism throughout eastern europe
        • The West: democratic capitalism. Truman was extremely against communism and wanted to prevent Stalins influence
    • first major break down, regarding tensions with us and ussr
      • Roosevelts death led to Truman becoming president of the US and he was much more distrustful of the soviet union.
    • worth 8 marks:
      • structure: P.E.E x 2
    • July - August 1945


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