Conspiracies and opposition whilst in Sogdiana and Bactria

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  • Conspiracies & opposition whilst in Sogdiana & Bactria
    • Orientalism
    • Pages conspiracy
    • Cleitus' murder
      • PL evil genius = bad spirit
      • PL -  3 sheep followed Cleitus when sacrificing, bad omen
        • Alex dream C dead in black with P's sons
      • AR - Alex sacrificed to Dioscuri not Dionysius
      • PL - song insulting dead, AR - comparison to Heracles
      • Both - Cleitus saved Alex from Spithridates
      • Both drunk
      • PL -  medism (rods), proskynesis, Apothesis complaints
    • Philotas conspiracy
      • PL - Dinmus asked Nichomachusto be part of plot, refused. Philotas 2x didn't allow N & bro attempt to tell Alexander
        • Went to someone else, Alex angry that Dinmus killed, key to truth
          • Enemies said Dinmus from Chalaestra (obscure) had to be agent
            • Tortured & killed by Hephaestion & others, Parmenion executed, Aristander afraid - Aetolian alliance
      • PL Alex ordered Philotas' mistress Antigone to report his boasts... setup? (says it's a trap)


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