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  • Experiments
    • Types
      • Lab
        • + High controls allows for a cause and effect to be determined.
        • - Artificial conditions may lower the ecological validity of the research -Ppts are aware they are being studied therefore may show signs of demand characteristics
      • Feild
        • + Greater ecological validity + Less likely to display demand charcteristics
        • - No controls making it difficult to replicate
      • Qausi
        • + Greater ecological validity + Conditions may not be manipulated by the researcher
        • - No control making cause and effect difficult to establish - Difficult to replicate
    • Hypothesis
      • One tailed predicts the direction.
      • Two tailed states there will be a difference but does not state a direction.
      • Null states there will be no difference.
    • Experimental designs
      • Independent measures
        • -Difference ppts are used in each condition so there is no link between results
        • + Different ppts are used so there will e no order effect
      • Repeated mesures
        • + One set of ppts making the results more valid
        • - Results may be affected by demand characteristics or order effect.
      • Matched pairs
        • + Both groups have the relevant characteristics so results are related
        • - Twice as many ppts are needed making the experiment less economical


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