Experimental Methods

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  • Experimental Methods
    • manipulation of independent variable to measure effect on dependent variable - lab, field, natural, quasi
    • Aim
      • what the researcher intends to investigate
    • Hypothesis
      • clear, precise, testable statement that states relationship between variables to be investigated
    • Directional Hypothesis
      • states direction of difference or relationship
      • includes words such as more, less, higher, lower, faster slower
    • Non-Directional Hypothesis
      • does not state the direction
      • difference between conditions or groups of people
    • Variables
      • 'thing' that can vary/ change within an investigation
        • used in experiments to determine if changes in one thing can result to changes in another
      • Independent Variable (IV)
        • aspect of experimental situation that is manipulated by researcher/ changes naturally so DV effect can be measured
      • Dependent Variable (DV)
        • variable measured by researcher - any effect on DV should be caused by change in IV
      • Operationalisation
        • clearly defining variables in terms of how they can be measured


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