Psychology- Experimental method

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  • Experimental method
    • Aim
      • A general statement of what the experimenter intends to study
    • Hypothesis
      • A clear, precise and testable statement that states the relationship between he variables to be investigated
      • Directional-States the direction of the relationship
        • Use if there has been previous research done
      • Non-directional - Does not state the direction of the relationship
        • Use if there is no previous research, or previous research is contradictory
    • Variables
      • Any 'thing' that can vary or change within an investigation
      • IV- some aspect of the experimental situation that is manipulated by the researcher
      • DV- The variable that is measured by the researcher. Any effect of the Dv should be caused by the IV
    • Operalisation
      • Clearly defining variables in terms of how they can be measured


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