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  • Experimental evidence to support WMM
    • Baddeley et al. (1976)
      • Procedure - pps were given a visual tracing track. At the same time they were given one of two other tasks, one was to describe all the angles on the letter F and the second one was to perform a verbal task.
      • Results - task one was very difficult as it involved two visual task, but task 2 was easy because it involved two different slave systems.
      • Conclusion - this dual task study provides evidence for separate visual and verbal slave systems in WM because performance is affected by whether the tasks compete for the limited resources of the same or different slave systems.
    • Shallice and Warrington (1970)
      • Procedure - KF had a motorcycle accident and suffered STM impairment. He had a damaged parietal lobe of the brain and had a digit span of one. Gross impairment of the phonological store.
      • Results - They found that KF's impairment was mainly for immediate recall of words presented verbally, his memory for visual info was largely unaffected. His brain damage seemed to be restricted to the phonological loop.
      • Conclusion - This supports the WMM in that there are separate components for visual information and verbal information in STM.


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