Experimental Design Strengths + Weaknesses

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  • Experimental Design
    • Indepedent
      • Strengths
        • No order effects so less demand characteristics shown increasing internal validity.
          • Large sample as group for each condition so large amounts of data obtained.
          • Practice, boredom or fatigue
      • Weakenesses
        • Larger sample so more participant variables.
          • Lowers internal validity as these may be having an effect on DV. Age, Gender or social background.
          • More people needed so time consuming.
    • Matched Pairs
      • Strengths
        • No order effects as 2 separate groups.
          • High internal as this extraneous variable is not effecting the DV.
      • Weaknesses
        • Participant variables still remain.
          • Lower internal validity as these variables may be effecting DV.
          • Difficult to match pairs as it it time consuming.
    • Repeated
      • Strengths
        • No participants variables.
          • Less people needed.
      • Weaknesses
        • Order Effects
          • Performance enhanced or compromised - lowering internal validity due to untrue behavior.
          • Demand characteristics shown  if aim of study is discovered.


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